There is a difference between simply drinking a glass of champagne at home and drinking a glass after having toured the champagne house from which it comes from.

Not to say that it tastes bad, just that it seems to taste better – or so is my belief after having toured the Champagne region of France this past summer. Of course, I say all of this jokingly but also in part to express my deeper appreciate for this delightful bubbly since my trip.

The region of Champagne, which was established long before the bubbly was even produced, located in the Northeast of France, a little over 2 hour drive from Paris. 

Sparkling wine is not exclusive to Champagne, as noted during my time touring the Loire Valley, but the quality and flavors of the same made it a celebrated commodity helping to put the Champagne-Ardenne region on the map.

There are many other sparkling wines, but none produced outside of the region can call itself Champagne, and thus it requires a visit to the area to truly immerse yourself in the history of it all.


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