The Center for the Sensory Interpretation of Champagne Wines has been given a make-over for 2021, giving way to Pressoria, a one-of-a-kind museum where tribute is paid to the five senses. In 2022, it won the “Outstanding Offer” prize of the Wine Tourism Trophies in the “Creative and Original Activities” category.

In the old pressing center steeped in the history of the Maison Pommery, this new, modern space offers a unique, sensory and immersive experience where you’ll uncover all the secrets of the wine of kings.


An interactive journey combining architectural features and fun technology will take you a "a trip from the terroir to the bubbly" at a pace that suits you best, putting the spotlight on the vines, the work behind the wine and the champagne-making process.


The excitement continues at the Instant Terroir restaurant overlooking the historic hillsides of Aÿ-Champagne, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here the cuisine by Alexander Fortuné is made from local products taken to a new level by a wide range of wines and champagnes.


It’s the ideal place to spend a sparkling day! 




11 boulevard Pierre Cheval



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