To celebrate its 241st anniversary, the Louis Roederer Foundation invited ten photographers to capture the unique influence and beauty of its wine estate and wines.

Carried out in partnership with emerging talent award the Bourse du Talent, the event was rich in creativity, poetry, fantasy and inspiration. The ten artists successfully captured the discreet yet intriguing charm of Maison Roederer with their contemporary shots of wine cellars and vines.

In early summer, ten young artists enjoyed a trip through the region of Reims with one simple instruction: record this adventure and convey their sense of the House in at least ten photos.

A secret and hidden world 

One of these photographers was Lucie Jean, who shared her feelings for “the secret and hidden world” of the Louis Roederer vineyard. She spent her nights on site, with her camera as her only source of light, trying to depict its “enigmatic nocturnal charge”.

The glacial beauty of the machines 

Laurent Kronental decided to immortalise the “glacial beauty of the machines”, and adopted a futuristic approach to focus on the immense equipment, “capturing them as if they were people”. For the duo Brodbeck & De Barbuat, champagne had a dizzying aspect, and they chose this as the theme for photos that resemble paintings and were mostly taken in the mansion, or Hôtel Particulier. Their other pieces take a reverse perspective: “We wanted to view the sky above the vines, and capture the stars that exert an influence on the champagne”. The artists were also intrigued by the areas behind the scenes, with Sandra Reinflet keen to discover what lies “behind the luxurious image of champagne”. She sought to portray the men and women who carefully prepare this luxury product, filled with passion for their work and pride in the vineyard.

A combination of contemporary art and tradition that stands as a stunning tribute to Maison Roederer, founded in 1776.


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