Famed for their sparkling wines, the vineyards of Champagne need no introduction. And there’s no doubting that the region is well worth a visit (or a return visit) on one of a string of out-of-the-ordinary tours.

Champagne’s vineyards — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — are packed with activities that are as unusual as they are unexpected.

What could be more exotic than climbing aboard an electric tuk-tuk for a tour of the surrounding hills and villages? Or being bowled over by the unbridled passion of a local winemaker on a private and picturesque visit in a 100% electric car? You’ll be guided by a chauffeur from the comfort of the back seat of one of these special vehicles as you set out to uncover the wealth of local attractions.


There are other equally original ways of getting around and exploring the land of Champagne. For instance, take an excursion in Marie-Antoinette’s “Impériale”, a double-decker bus with a panoramic lounge ideal for open-air tastings and breath-taking views over the sublime valley landscape. Or opt for a short road trip behind the wheel of a 2CV: your itinerary will take you to Reims — Coronation City” — as you dive into the heart of the region’s architectural and historical heritage… not forgetting to take a detour to the area’s finest wine establishments. If you’d prefer to stay put amidst the peaceful atmosphere of the vineyards, grab an electric scooter and go on a fun gourmet getaway. You’ll find out all about the expert practices of the local producers before tickling your taste buds at a workshop devoted to making — and tasting — chocolate bouchons.


A boat ride in Châlons-en-Champagne is even more bucolic and full of charm. As you float down the river, you’ll discover this sparkling, Venice-like city and unravel its secrets as you immerse yourself in the peace and quite of an exceptional setting. Whether it’s by day or night, the monuments, gardens and ancient bridges will help you enjoy a magic moment of inner peace.


With such a wide-ranging programme on offer, there’s no doubt that your stay in Champagne will take you off the beaten track: this is a region whose array of out-of-the-ordinary experiences is matched by its sparkling attractions!


*Experiences A l’Allure Champenoise, Aÿ Eco Visire, Chocolaterie Thibaut certified Jeunes Talents du Tourisme

*Experience Champagne Philippe Martin certified Jeunes Talents du Champagne