One of the stops that I made during my whirlwind adventure to the Bordeaux wine region was in Bergerac, in the Dordogne of France.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Up to that moment every one of my experiences had been pretty spectacular, enough so that I’ve really been inspired to freshen up my French skills, kiss this life au revoir, and venture into the countryside of France for a new one.

Bergerac is about a 2 hour bus ride and a one and a half hour train ride from Bordeaux.

The Bergerac Airport has flights to and from Marrakech as well as different parts of England, thus making it a favorite destination for English tourists and retirees.

There is hope that more flights from various other destinations will be added to the flight schedules in this local hub.

From the moment my bus crossed over the old bridge and through the borders of Bergerac, I knew my time there was going to be pretty special.

The sun was slowly setting on the Dordogne river with the shimmering colors of yellow and gold glistening over the water and off the wooden boats.


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