House Pannier is located just outside Paris in the Marne Valley, where it is home to a magnificent mediaeval cellar and a remarkable complex designed to host seminars and receptions.

House Pannier won the gold medal in the 2019 Wine Tourism Awards in the "Corporate Wine Tourism and Private Events" category. The venue boasts three chic meeting rooms for business or private clients, a 300-seat amphitheatre and two reception rooms, with one located in the underground galleries.


In this labyrinth where the bottles mature in peace and quiet, you can discover the mysteries of the most exclusive sparkling wines on the visitor trail or by playing an escape room game.


Nearly 10,000 visitors come to find out how Champagne Pannier makes the finest bubbly every year. Will it be your turn soon?



Champagne Pannier

23 rue Roger Catillon

02400 Château-Thierry


Tel.: +33(0)3 23 69 51 30