Party at #ChampagneDay 2018 © OenoSpheres Master-class at #ChampagneDay 2018 © OenoSpheres

Hugely successful since its first edition in 2018, OenoSpheres is bringing out the champagne flutes and turntables again to celebrate the end of Champagne Day. Once again, it’s party time in Troyes for your taste buds – and more!

OenoSpheres invites you to Troyes, in October, and to join 300 other guests in a unique venue – Cellier St Pierre.


Put on your glad rags for a sparklingly glamorous event, with music and good food.


Winemakers, champagne houses, producers, artisans and artists from Champagne will be on hand offering activities, master-classes, tastings and much more.


Time for fizz, fun and funky beats in Troyes!




Cellier St Pierre

1 Place Saint-Pierre

10000 Troyes



 In October



Tel.: +33 (0)6 59 42 54 90