Champagne is a region that sparkles in more ways than one and still has some fascinating surprises in store. As you’ll find when you sample these tasty – and exciting – experiences!


Twenty desks, a blackboard, and some white chalk: at first glance you might think you’d travelled back in time to a pre-war school... But on these school desks, ink and fountain pens have been replaced with champagne glasses.


And with good reason: welcome to the Champagne School, the perfect spot for anyone with a thirst for wine knowledge! For two hours, an instructor will teach you all about vine cultivation and champagne production. The theoretical training is backed up with a hands-on workshop among the vines. At the end, a short written test will enable you to validate your knowledge of sparkling wine, and all in a fun and entertaining way.



A stone’s throw from this champagne school, the Cave aux Coquillages (Seashell Cave) offers a visit that is both instructive and original. This exceptional location combines oenology and geology: the estate’s vines actually sit on top of an ancient tropical sea, the remains of which are 45 million-year-old fossilized shells. As you visit the galleries you will be able to admire the best preserved specimens, including a giant gastropod that is over 60cm long. A tasting of Legrand-Latour champagne is an unexpected sensory experience, and provides a better understanding of how Champagne’s sub-soil influences the region’s wine production.



An even more original venue can be found in Romery, where you’ll meet Vincent Gobert and discover his production secrets. Because when it comes to champagne, this passionate producer is certainly not short of bottle – as you’ll soon find out! Vincent will greet you in his museum and tasting centre inside a giant steel bottle, 12 metres high! This vantage point, built by the man himself, offers an unparalelled view of the entire vineyard and is a popular with visitors.


*Experience Champagne School certified Jeunes Talents du Tourisme

*Experience Giant Steel Bottle certified Jeunes Talents du Tourisme & Jeunes Talents du Champagne


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