Colours and scents characterize Armagnac, the centuries-old brandy. The vines brighten the valleys of the Gers district, where the local villages enjoy a lifestyle which celebrates wellbeing, fine food and wine.

At the heart of the Gascony region, the Armagnac vineyards have an authentic local heritage: remnants of the ancient Romain empire, chateaux, Flaran Abbey, and villages listed among the ‘Most Beautiful Villages of France’. These villages include Larressingle, often described as the ‘little Carcassonne’, the famous ancient fortified town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, or Fourcès, the historic circular-walled village. In between a visit to a museum or a walk along part of the famous Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle pilgrims’ trail, you can meet the winemakers in the friendly Gascony villages during a tasting, and savour the world-famous local delicacies. The vines flourish in three wine districts which give Armagnac its unique character: the Bas-Armagnac (between Eauze and Nogaro), the Armagnac-Ténarèze (around Condom and Vic-Fezensac) and the Haut-Armagnac (between Auch and Lectoure).

Its traditional method of production gives Armagnac a unique spirit. France’s oldest brandy is made by the distillation of white wine in a traditional still. This production process is controlled by government regulations, dating back to 1936, which apply to the specific region where it is produced. Armagnac matures for many years in oak casks, where the contact with the wood produces its unique aromas and amber colour.

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3 reasons to come here
  • 1.Enjoy a unique landscape: the soft light on the rolling hills and valleys of the Gers region and the great views of the Pyrenees mountains.

  • 2.Taste rare vintages in the numerous vineyards which are part of the Escapades in Armagnac network.

  • 3.Participate in many events, such as the autumn Flame of Armagnac festival, and enjoy the farmers’ markets.

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Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Baco, Colombard