The Champagne Route’s different trails allow visitors to explore the region’s exceptional wine making and historic heritage.


Ah, champagne! Across the world, the name of this famous and prized wine is a byword for celebration and sophistication. But behind this unique beverage's famous bubbles and hints of gold, an ancient and special skill – as well as a wine region’s treasures – are just waiting to be discovered.


To explore this special terroir and meet local producers, simply follow the 600 km long Champagne Route and its six trails, signposted from beginning to end.

In the Marne, five trails criss-cross a landscape that has been cultivated by winemaker’s for centuries, where wine cellars and champagne houses open their doors to reveal the secrets of this exceptional wine.

Winemakers will explain the methods they use to produce this king of wines and provide you with a detailed description of its subtle and delicate aromas as you taste their precious cuvées. These producers are proud of their region, traditions and expertise, and will introduce you to the art of wine tasting with real passion.


But the Champagne Route is more than just a gateway into the world of wine. It is also an opportunity to discover the finest attractions that the region has to offer. As the wine trails weave between forests and vines they pass along hillsides dotted with picturesque villages, châteaux and churches that cling to the slopes. The many landmarks and attractions on offer are examples of an historic past that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sparkling with charm, they offer an insight into the character of Champagne and the famous product created within its borders.