Christmas market and Rêve de Couleurs light show © L.Mathieu - Reims Tourisme The world of Father Christmas © C. Manquillet

Christmas trees and Santa hats: Champagne has put on its party clothes for the holiday season! Things are going to go with a fizz throughout the region with festive illuminations, Christmas markets and a range of fun activities. Here’s a taste of some of the seasonal highlights…

The Christmas market in Reims is being held just in front of the cathedral, which is beautifully lit and adorned with a giant Christmas tree.


The marché is full of ideas for Christmas, from handcrafted presents to food and drink, including some rather special bottles of champagne. In Châlons-en-Champagne bubbles rub shoulders with the baubles decorating the chalets to give an equally enchanting ambiance.


Finally, at Grinyland you can enjoy a special moment meeting Father Christmas… Wherever you go, a magical break is in store for young and old alike!






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