Being a winegrower is synonymous above all with a love of nature – which is why Champagne Drappier has taken up the challenge of carbon neutrality. A bold move that is working out well.

The Drappier family, based in Urville in the Côte des Bar, has been growing vines and cultivating excellence for eight generations. Today, faced with the challenges linked to the climate, this illustrious Champagne house is devoting much of its efforts to preserving the land and reducing its carbon footprint. This commitment was even rewarded with EcoAct certification in 2016, making the estate the first property in Champagne to be certified “carbon neutral”.


The vineyard stretches over 62 hectares of hillside, and the owners have invested in 2,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels. As a result, solar energy accounts for 75% of the estate's electricity needs, as well as powering the various electric utility vehicles and tractors that roam across the rows of vines.


The chemicals used in the vineyard have long since been replaced by green cultivation techniques, including natural compost, manual weeding, partial grass cover and horse-drawn ploughing. The plots are worked here without industrial fertilizers or pesticides. These eco-friendly practices help safeguard the biodiversity and harvest grapes that are in perfect health for outstanding champagnes.


The same way of thinking reigns in the cellars: nothing is lost, everything is converted into use! So, the old riddling racks and barrels are recycled to make vine lodges that provide a unique tasting space. Once the bottles have been emptied of their contents, they’re converted into vegetable wax candles and offered for sale.


This sustainable approach is the pride and joy of the champagne house, and it’s true that the Drappier family has much to be proud of! Its champagnes are known and enjoyed worldwide for the finesse of their bubbles and the delicate nature of their aromas. To fully understand this, there's nothing like a short stop at the estate: the tasting that punctuates the tour of the Cistercian cellars proves that champagne and ecology definitely go hand-in-hand!


Champagne DRAPPIER

Rue des Vignes

10200 URVILLE – France


Tel.: +33 (0)3 25 27 40 15