With its tiny bunches of grapes and thick-skinned black seeds, Pinot Meunier - or simply Meunier to its fans - is the grape variety grown in one third of the Champagne region.

Nevertheless, for some obscure reason Meunier is the least favoured of the Champagne varieties. Rare indeed are the winemakers producing 100% Meunier varietals, except on the slopes of Vallée la Marne and most notably in the Champagne Dom Caudron vineyard. Situated 30km south-west of Reims, this co-operative of 130 hectares has concentrated on the Meunier varietal since 1929. The vineyard offers an advanced oenological course focused on 'vins clairs' and champagnes made from their favourite grape varieties. The estate also offers excellent guided tours during the wine harvest. If you want to be one of the first to know about future trends in the world of Champagne, then this is the place for you.


Champagne Dom Caudron

10 rue Jean York

51700 Passy-Grigny

00 33 (0)3 26 52 45 17