Along the 18 km of Mercier’s underground wine cellars, everything has been designed to impress the visitor: a panoramic elevator, huge low-relief sculptures carved into the wall, giant wine barrels … And, of course, you can round off the visit with a glass of champagne!

Founded in 1858, Mercier has a long history, and one that is different from the other champagne producers of the same period. A unique character, stemming from the colourful personality of Eugène Mercier. A visionary and nonconformist, Eugène Mercier challenged the traditions of the Champagne region by creating a ‘champagne for all occasions’. Champagne was no longer reserved for the elite, but retained its remarkable quality

Designed to impress, the Mercier underground wine cellars are among the most visited in the Champagne region, with more than 100,000 tourists each year.

To promote his brand, Mercier staged many events to attract publicity: a floating bar attached to a hot-air balloon and anchored to the foot of the Chateau de Vincennes (which strong winds transported as far away as Belgium); a film in collaboration with the cinema pioneers, the Lumière brothers …

At Epernay, the Mercier family have opened up their exceptional wine cellars, which were developed by their audacious grandfather, to the public. Designed to impress, the Mercier wine cellars remain the most visited cellars in the Champagne region, with more than 100,000 tourists each year. 

A panoramic elevator, huge sculptures and wine casks

The visit starts with a film which retraces the history of the founder Eugène Mercier. Take the panoramic elevator and find yourself 30 m above the ground! Aboard the little train, with your multilingual audioguide, you travel along the impressive 18 km of tunnels. The wine cellars are the first to have been designed on one level and are set out geometrically. They were inspired by the design of New York and are intended to be easily accessible to visitors!

These splendid galleries are decorated with sculptures, carved into the chalk stone walls by artist Gustave Navlet, which you see as you travel along the tunnels. In the high vaults you can see the famous giant barrel, which contains 213,000 bottles of champagne!

Returning to the surface, enjoy a glass of Mercier champagne. At the far end of the galleries, the Bacchus vault turns out to be a surprising reception room. Beneath the 15-m high ceilings, this sumptuous space is decorated with two gigantic frescos, carved into the chalk stone. An ideal location to prolong the pleasure during private or professional occasions: seminars, cocktail receptions, weddings, etc.


Maison Mercier

68-70, avenue de Champagne

51200 Épernay

Phone: +33 (0)3 26 51 22 22