The Loire Valley in central France is often called The Garden of France due to its many vineyards

Celebrated for its architecture, wine and historic destination...many of which are UNESCO Heritage Sites - This is a beautiful area to visit if you love wine, nature and you don't mind driving to get to either or both. 

That is because many of the towns that make up the valley, such as AmboiseAngersBlois, Chinon, Orléans, Saumur, and Tours, are not all easily accessible by train and to get a glimpse of their lovely castles and caves, as well as their vineyards and wines, you must do as I did and rent a car.

I have learned a lot from my visits to France. Some of it being how much I so enjoy the countryside. Granted, I haven’t really gotten to see too many coastal towns, but the countryside, the smaller cities, and vineyards are my absolute favorite destinations.

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