Vines, Wines and Walks in the Loire Valley @Interloire - Stevens Fremont Vines, Wines and Walks discovery tours in the Loire Valley @Interloire - Stevens Fremont

Each year the 15 walks organized for ‘Vines, Wines and Walks’ attract more and more newcomers, all of them won over by this fun social event. From Muscadet to the Touraine, walk through the Loire Valley vineyards beside the winegrowers and taste the Loire Valley wines.  

Each first weekend of September, ‘Vines, Wines and Walks’ offers 15 friendly walks through the Loire Valley vineyards. The winegrowers will share their properties and their expertise with you as they guide you around these wine-growing landscapes, some of which have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Numerous musical performances, talks and gourmet experiences in multiple languages can be enjoyed at various points along the walks, which are accessible to everybody, including children. When you arrive, enjoy a gourmet market and Loire Valley wine tasting







Vineyard of the Loire valley