A passionate winemaker, Jean-Max Manceau offers several different ways to visit the Chinon vineyards and discover the Loire Valley wines and fine food of Touraine: on foot, in a horse-drawn carriage or aboard a traditional boat on the Vienne River.

The son of a winemaker, Jean-Max Manceau has been at the Domaine de Noiré vineyard, at the heart of the Chinon wine district, since 2001. A member of the Vineyards & Discoveries network (Vignobles & Découvertes), his 15-hectare vineyard uses organic and biodynamic production methods. The wines are the ultimate expression of the grape variety, Cabernet Franc, with scents of red and black fruit. ‘I have a passion for the vines and their history, but also for horses. I like to talk about my job and the achievements of the vineyard. So my wife and I decided to combine all this by creating a real wine tourism experience,’ the winemaker says. The vineyard has been recognized with the ‘Tourist Wine Cellar of Excellence’ label for the quality of its service.

A wine tour in a horse-drawn carriage at Chinon, or by boat on the Vienne River

Discover the vineyards, the landscapes and the historic city of Chinon in a carriage drawn by two horses. Generous picnics are prepared by Christophe Duguin, the restaurant manager at Chinon, while the boatman Julien Ayrault is your captain for the boat trips on the Vienne River. Also on the visitor programme: walks to the foot of the impressive Royal Fortress of Chinon and cocktail concerts to enjoy the combination of music and wine. ‘The vineyard, the landscape and its contours are an integral part of the heritage of the region. Wine always has a history, a traceability. Wine tourists want to understand all of these aspects and not to taste a wine which is identical to the one next door,’ says Jean-Max Manceau. The experience concludes in the wine cellar with a tasting of the best wines, which boast evocative names: Elegance, Thirst for Tenderness, Character ... The signature of a maker of great wines! 


Domaine de Noiré

160, rue de l'Olive

37500 Chinon

Phone: +33 (0)2 47 93 44 89

E-mail: domaine.de.noire@orange.fr