A winemaker at Ackerman, near Saumur, Frederic Nouet tells us the secrets of his passion for the wines of the Loire Valley, the second largest producer of sparkling wines in France.

How long have you been involved in the wine industry?

I remember a coteaux-du-layon wine made in 1947 by my grandfather, matured in the cellar by my uncle and tasted by our family one day in spring. This was the first revelation of the flavours of wine and their complexity. This wine had matured for a long time and had to be drunk delicately and with appreciation. A visit to the vines often followed these unforgettable tastings of Loire wines.

Why are you so attached to the Loire vineyards?

My training allowed me to discover wine-producing countries and regions, but I was always drawn to the Loire. The colour of the river, the light which reflects the white Tuffeau limestone of the houses, the pure green of the countryside... all this makes for a contrasting landscape, just like the wines of the Loire: sparkling, red, rose, dry whites or liqueurs. I appreciate the discovery of a great wine just as much as the charm of a small village among the vines or an ornate chateau along the Loire, both of which add something special to this region. 

What does your work involve in the Ackerman cellars?

I make wines in collaboration with wine growers. Our winery tour, ‘Voyage to the centre of the bubble’, describes the land which has produced the wines. Each vintage offers a new experience. I invite you to taste our wines at the end of the tour, in particular the sparkling wines, which are made from a second fermentation in the bottle. Enjoy the magic of effervescence in each bottle! 



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