Pierre Calmel is a household name in the village of Sérignan near Béziers. Born and bred here, he is a winegrower, president of the cellar and appellations, and a rugby coach. Pierre’s someone you can count on - but who doesn’t count the number of hours he works!

Pierre Calmel is everywhere when it comes to tending to his terroir. As well as starting the day at four in the morning to go and work in the vineyard, he is active in numerous institutions connected to the world of wine. He is also heavily involved in businesses that he has close links with - and all this with the kindness and conviction that are Pierre’s hallmarks.

“With all my different duties, I have to find the right balance and be fair. My strength is that I’m transparent. I get everyone involved and we decide things together."

As the sixth generation of winemakers in his family, Pierre has been growing different Pays d'Oc PGI and Coteaux de Béziers grape varieties since 2013. Why? Because he is convinced that, if you want to make a successful living from this profession, it’s better not to put all your eggs in one basket.


After the grapes have been harvested, Pierre transports them to the Vignerons de Sérignan, a cellar that he is particularly fond of. It is the largest in the Hérault in terms of turnover, and Pierre joined its board of directors in 2014 before becoming president in 2020.


Pierre is constantly on the look-out for new challenges, and he transformed the cellar in 2021 with the aim of doubling direct sales production. More than 7 million euros and two years of work later, the facelift is complete: the sales cellar has been reinvented, the production tools upgraded, and the tour route redesigned. In addition, a tasting room (or meeting room for hire) has been created together with a vine for educational purposes to satisfy demand.


Pierre is tireless: he is also president of the Coteaux de Béziers PGI, a member of the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Languedoc and vice-president of the Hérault PGI Federation: “We are looking at new possibilities and making strategic decisions for the future of the world of wine.”


Although his weeks are full, this man with a big heart is committed to making time for his loved ones on the weekend.


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Cave Coopérative de Sérignan

114 Av. Roger Audoux,

34410 Sérignan


Tel.: +33 (0)4 67 32 23 26

Email: caveau@vignerons-serignan.com