Since 1693, ten generations of winegrowers have succeeded each other at the head of the Flaugergues estate. A worthy heir, Pierre de Colbert now holds the reins of this exceptional site with its 28 hectares of vines, 22 of which are located in Montpellier itself. Firmly rooted in family tradition yet geared to modernity, this winemaker has chosen to commit himself to an ecological approach.

Was carrying on the family tradition an obvious step to take?

I knew early on that I wanted to take over the family business and devote myself to viticulture, so after my school years I studied to become an agricultural engineer. I feel a duty to the previous generations to bring this land to life and to maintain a form of rurality in town with the presence of our vines.


Since you have taken over, what has changed?

I took over the estate in 2002 wanting to perpetuate the traditions while at the same time shaking them up. We are committed to a sustainable approach. Our efforts have been rewarded with ISO14001 certification as part of the Terre du Languedoc Roussillon Ter'avenir association in 2014, we have obtained the HEV label (High Environmental Value), and we adopted the Terra Vitis specifications in 2019.


What would you like people to remember after a visit to Flaugergues?
That wine production represents a major challenge for the environment and society. It takes a lot of energy and commitment to try to find solutions and implement good practices.


What hopes have you for Flaugergues in years to come?
That the estate become, in its own way, an example to raise awareness and a showcase for modern and sustainable agriculture, including in urban areas. Quite aside from tastings and visits to the cellar, we would like expand our activities with the installation of a permaculture farm and a restaurant as well as the organisation of events to create social ties and build the future together.


Where can we find Flaugergues wines to buy?

At the Château’s cellar, in our online store and in several supermarket chains.



Le Château de Flaugergues

1744, avenue Albert Einstein

4000 Montpellier


Tél.: +33 (0)4 99 52 66 37