I wanted to share my night in Bordeaux with you through photos since words fail me when thinking of how I could describe it all.

There’s a lot that happened before I took these photos, but those stories will have to wait till I am not as tired as I am now (I had the most wonderful time walking in the rain today. For hours I walked into shops and boutiques, people watching, and photo taking).

I wanted to share these photos because I am still in that state of bliss from how beautiful this city is, especially at night. I had the opportunity to take a tram from the restaurant to my hotel but instead I decided to walk.

After hours of rain it had finally stopped and the city glowed. It was almost 9pm and yet the cafes were full with locals enjoying each other’s company. Traffic was slow and trams moved about shuttling passengers around.

There were still a lot of people out yet it was more serene, more peaceful, and quiet enough that I could hear my shoes as they hit the cobblestones on the street and the rushing water of the river under the Pont de Pierre.

I can’t really describe how incredible tonight made me feel, but I hope these few pictures help explain why.


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