With its seven appellation terroirs and a network of committed producers, the Bergerac and Duras wine region is a hotbed of activities centred around ecosystem preservation.

Strengthening the ties between the vine and biodiversity is the motto for the region’s winemakers. Here, 37 % of the estates are certified as Organic or High Environmental Value, and no fewer than 42% of winemakers on the Wine Route have been awarded the “Respect Environnement” certification. Passing through the vineyards, the splendour of Périgord’s natural environment can be seen in all its diverse glory thanks to the collective activities of those who work the land.


The Collectif des Vignerons de Monbazillac (Monbazillac Winemakers Collective), for example, has planted 800 fruit trees beside the vines to enrich the soil. And the best part? They open their parcels of vines to visitors so they can pick the fruit themselves. Which means that delicious apples and pears can be enjoyed as well as the tasty grapes!


Agroforestry is also gaining ground over in Pécharmant with the planting of hedges and copses around vineyards to reduce chemicals and return wildlife to the vineyard. You’re sure to come across birds, hedgehogs and other small mammals as you wander along the countryside trails.


Other environmentally friendly strategies are thriving in the appellations: the installation of bat roosting boxes to combat the rise in grape-eating butterflies, the use of environmentally friendly fertilizer on the soil, and the presence of chickens and sheep among the vines to provide 100% natural fertilization and weed killing!


Technology also plays an important role with Ted the robot providing a sustainable alternative to weed killers and Optiviti, a weather station that helps vine growers and winemakers to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.


In this authentic environment shaped by a balanced patchwork of landscapes, the Bergerac and Duras wine region has just what it takes to delight lovers of fine wine and the great outdoors: Mother Nature awaits in the sumptuous gardens of Bacchus.


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