The Mas des Tourelles is built on the remains of a Gallo-Roman villa near Beaucaire. Surrounded by vineyards, the traditional farmhouse is an outstanding site both for its archaeological ruins and wines. And, for the last fifteen or so years, it has also hosted life-size reconstructions of Roman wine harvests.

From the winemakers clad in tunics to the wooden winepress and terracotta jars, no detail has been spared in the reconstruction, which highlights the harvesting and winemaking techniques used in the ancient world.


After a live demonstration that is both fun and educational, visitors are invited to a tasting of Roman wines and grape juice.


This highly original event is an excellent opportunity to explore the history of Roman winemaking and learn about skills that are two centuries old.



Mas des Tourelles

294 Route de Saint-Gilles

30300 Beaucaire





Tel.: +33 (0)4 66 59 19 72