Beaujolais celebrates summer, Beaujolez-vous, The summer festivals © Office de Tourisme Beaujolais Monts et Vignobles

Summertime is party-time in Beaujolais and it's free ! Outdoors, 5 days a week starting at 7pm . Guinguettes, quizzes, concerts, night markets, and of course the chance to discover local produce. Good times galore!

You want to tempt your taste buds whilst basking in a musical ambiance? 


Here's how:

Tuesday, dance at Belleville port.

Wednesday, concerts with panoramic views from the Terrasse de Chiroubles.

Thursday, musical market at Fleurie.

Friday, get your brain in gear for a quizz at Espace des Brouilly in Saint Lager.

Saturday, a Bacchus-themed guinguette in Beaujeu!


Your mouth is watering already, isn't it ? So break out the Beaujolais and Beaujolez-vous !




July the 1st to August the 31th



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