Muscat de Noël is the heir to a tradition that was taken up anew two decades ago. This “Christmas Muscat” was originally served back in the Middle Ages during feasts for noblemen from Barcelona.


Muscat de Noël, which is bottled at the end of the grape harvest, receives a special mention in the Muscat de Rivesaltes AOP (Protected Designation of Origin).

The Muscat’s sparkling aromas combine marvellously with a wide range of savoury – and sweet – dishes! Foie gras, cheese, touron nougat, rousquille biscuits and panellet deserts: it goes with any and everything!

In Perpignan, or in the towns and villages along the Roussillon Wine Trail, this sweet wine will brighten up your end-of-year celebrations with its delicate golden sparkle.


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Place François Arago

66000 Perpignan