In spring and in autumn, the Cathar Country and Fenouillèdes Train Rouge Special (Red Train Special) takes 22 passengers on an amazing sensory journey into the heart of the Agly Valley.

While the voice of the tour guide, the melody of a harp and the gentle sounds of nature fill the ears, the eyes take in the Cathar fortresses that rise proudly out of the vines.


Taste, smell and touch are stirred by the gourmet meal prepared by a local chef, paired with local wines, during stops in stunning locations.


This sensory adventure, with its unique flavours and tastes, continues during a visit to one of the valley's winemakers with a tasting of regional wines, including the Maury hors d’âge, served with appetizers.


What better way to explore this untouched landscape and its incredibly varied terroirs than from the comfort of a leather chair?



In 2021 : 25th of September, 16th of October and 6th of November



Gare de Rivesaltes

Avenue René-Victor Manault

66 600 Rivesaltes


Tel.: +33 (0)4 68 20 04 00 – 04 68 59 99 02