Bordered by the Mediterranean coast and the foothills of the Pyrenees, the Vallée du Tech reveals its many faces along the Route des Vins et des Terroirs. All the riches of Roussillon are here for you to enjoy!

From the iconic Vermilion Coast to Albères, along the banks of the Tech or in the valleys of Aspres, a dizzying array of surprising discoveries lies in store for visitors. On the four tourist routes that cross every nook and cranny of the valley, nature, heritage and the talents of the local producers take it in turns to come under the spotlight.


Between Argelès-sur-Mer and Cerbère, walkers can admire the beauty of the coast along the cliff paths. A number of viewpoints open onto the fragrant scrubland, hidden coves and colourful fishing ports. As you head deeper into the hinterland, the seaside landscape gradually gives way to superb forests and the mountain hollowed out by valleys and gorges. Lost in the middle of these outstanding landscapes that are ideal for hiking, marvellous tiny Romanesque chapels and charming villages can be found at every bend in the path, just waiting to be visited.


In this wind-swept, sun-drenched environment, the vineyards have thrived so much that they have become a key feature in the identity of the landscape. The vines hug the rolling hills or plunge in terraces into the azure Mediterranean. Just about everywhere along the itineraries, dozens of estates and wine-growers’ cooperatives open their doors to the public so they can discover the wines produced in this exceptional region. The locality boasts no fewer than 14 PDOs and two PGIs. Whites, reds and natural sweet wines: the entire palette of colours is represented with a multitude of grape varieties!


Alongside the winegrowers, other producers endeavour to tap the terroir for the best local flavours. Myriad artisanal products are waiting to be discovered on the local farms: vinegars, olive oils, anchovies, Catalan lamb, fruit and vegetables – and even confectionery! The know-how here is diverse and always respectful of the local traditions.


With all these treasures, there’s no end to the treats in store for you in the Vallée du Tech!


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