Gourmet food, fine wine and wellbeing … Georges Blanc invites you to his magnificent village for a luxurious stay in the Bresse countryside, between Beaujolais and the Rhône Valley.

In 1933, the ‘Mère Blanc’ was designated the ‘best cook in the world’ by Curnonsky, the prince of all lovers of fine foods. Today, Georges, her grandson, is following admirably in her footsteps! At L’Ancienne Auberge in Vonnas, a replica of his great-grandparents’ auberge, Georges Blanc shares his passion for the local products of his native Bresse in this gourmet restaurant, which has been awarded three Michelin stars.

The Michelin-starred restaurant has one of the five finest wine cellars in the world, with nearly 140,000 bottles of exceptional wine.

At the stove since 1968, the famous chef never stops reinventing the district of Bresse through his modern and light gourmet creations. The Vonnas crêpe with salmon and caviar, or the famous Bresse chicken and foie gras, are just two delicious examples. Georges Blanc is naturally a fervent defender of the famous Bresse chicken, and is the proud bearer of the title of president of the official committee for origin-approved Bresse chicken!

Five hectares of fine food and wellbeing, with wine cellar, park and spa

Wine is also honoured: the restaurant has one of the five finest wine cellars in the world, with nearly 140,000 exceptional bottles of wine. You can taste the wines of the vineyard in the company of the head wine steward, or chief sommelier, during the course of an unforgettable visit. Georges Blanc is also a visionary businessman and has built a magnificent gourmet village in Vonnas. On the edge of the river, discover the coloured façades of the buildings, his five-star Relais & Chateaux hotel, and his new aquatic centre …

Give yourself a treat and relax for a few hours in the immense Carita Décléor spa. As night falls, take a romantic walk in the beautifully lit park. Stretch out your gourmet stay with a unique wine tourism experience by visiting the Hameau Georges Dubœuf theme park, the first wine tourism park in Europe. All the secrets of the famous Beaujolais wine will be revealed at this high-quality wine tourism site. 


Georges Blanc

Place du Marché

01540 Vonnas

Phone: +33 (0)4 74 50 90 90