Every summer, the diVINes organize a cultural and artistic programme centred on the wines of Alsace. This association of women winemakers is reinventing wine tourism to share the history, heritage and culture of wine.

Why create an association of women winemakers in Alsace?

A few dynamic and committed women winemakers came together in 2011 to promote Alsace wines in a new way. The association has 60 members, as of 2015, and organizes wine tastings, training events, nights out to see concerts, charitable work, and trade shows, etc.


What is the idea behind the concept ‘diVINes & You’?

The wine cellars are open to the public thanks to women, who welcome and share their knowledge with visitors. In the same spirit, the wine cellars here are staging theatre, music and art events. Three members of our women winemakers’ association, the diVINes, are at each location to share their passion for wine and new discoveries. For the spectators, from here or elsewhere, it’s a great new way to discover the wines of Alsace. 


What does wine tourism mean to you?

It is the only way to preserve and bring to life the culture, heritage and history of wine. There are many  methods you can use to do this, but they must recognize, or not forget, the importance of the vineyards and wines in our shared culture. 


What do you offer at your vineyard?

What we offer is based around ecotourism. We explain our decision to use organic wine-growing methods through walks, fine food and wine matching, wine tastings in the dark, and workshops like ‘Biodynamic agriculture for dummies’. We always work in connection with our local partners.