Percé Vin Jaune Percé Vin Jaune

The next opening of the vin jaune or ‘yellow wine’ will be celebrated on the the first weekend of February 2022.

It’s a great opportunity to taste this wine made from Savignin grapes, which is produced in a unique way: once its fermentation process is complete, the wine is matured for six years and three months in an oak cask. Wearing official, gold-tinted garments, the ambassadors escort the cask, containing 228 litres of yellow wine, to the podium where it is offically opened. A religious service, auctions, tastings by 70 different winemakers, evenings of fine food … there’s so much to enjoy at this exceptional weekend dedicated to the ‘yellow gold of the Jura’.


Les Ambassadeurs des Vins Jaunes
Château Pécauld - BP41

Tél : 03 84 66 26 14
Fax : 03 84 66 10 29