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Festi'vallée Adventurous explorer La Champagne


Quad bike or buggy? Driver or passenger? These are the first two questions you’ll be asked by Vincent Legrand, the specialist guide and manager of Festi’vallée. His original idea began with a very simple observation: “We have such beautiful countryside in the Marne Valley. Why not offer tours to help people explore our landscape?”. After a period of research, he launched the project in 2015 and the tour is now a well-oiled machine. For 2.5 hours, he accompanies visitors on a buggy or quad bike for a tour of Champagne’s vineyards around Épernay, Festigny and Chatillon sur Marne. On hillsides, or from the area’s finest vantage points, Vincent takes the time to explain the work carried out in a vineyard before the harvest. “The quad bike and buggy are all-terrain vehicles that are ideal for travelling through vineyards. You can cover quite some distance, and with your head to the wind you can make the most of the landscape”. Quite a change from your typical wine cellar visit, but that’s the point, isn’t it?

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