Explore Roussillon’s wine country from the sky with Canigou Airlines! Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or simply curious and intrepid, take to the sky for a unique, full-on flight in a paramotor.


A tandem paramotor is a strange beast, a cross between an ultralight and a paraglider. A pilot will be by your side to give you a guided commentary as you fly over the vineyards of Roussillon, including more than a dozen wine estates.

A series of vineyards boast the most splendid landscapes between Mont Canigou and the Mediterranean.

With the wind in your hair, fill your lungs with fresh air and let yourself be carried away by the region’s natural beauty. And, once the excitement of the flight is over and your feet are firmly back on the ground, the estates you’ve just seen from on high will open their doors to give you a personalised tour.



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