There are a 1,001 different ways to explore the vineyards of Burgundy. Santenay straddles the Route des Grands Crus, and you can follow “in the footsteps of the winegrowers” around the village.

Who has never asked themselves: Where do wines come from? Each and every cuvée tells the story of a distinct terroir and the work of the men and women who cultivate the land. This is why Céline, a former winemaker who was born and bred in the region, decided to showcase the expertise of Burgundy’s winemakers, designing explanatory walks amidst the vines.


Whether you’re a casual walker or a hardened hiker, an explorer in the making or a seasoned adventurer, these outings are accessible to everyone. Depending on what you feel like doing and your stamina levels, there are several trails on offer of various lengths - but all with the same objective: to give an account of the daily lives of the winegrowers from season to season. Céline peppers the walks with lively stories and light-hearted talks about the vines and the work that marks each cycle, from maintaining the soil to harvesting the grapes. And, since Burgundy is a rich land with an abundance of terroirs, the walks are also an ideal opportunity to introduce visitors to the much-vaunted, UNESCO-listed climats and the appellations to which the region owes its fame.


With these hiking trails, the more you walk, the more you learn! On the longest circuits, walkers can feast their eyes on the splendid views, with their guide interpreting and “reading” the landscape for them. Céline also provides her insight into the nature of wine making and its biodiversity. What's more, the countryside around the village of Santenay is home to some hidden historical gems that add to the charm of the walks along the trails, such as a mill, washhouses or pigeon loft... and even a secret passageway!

To round off the experience, participants can enjoy some regional products in the fields of vines or be hosted at a partner winemaker for a local wine tasting, depending on the package they have chosen. Anyone who wants to can also request a bespoke walk over a half or full day to explore the countless riches dotted amidst the vines. The vineyards of Burgundy never cease to amaze the curious visitor who ventures into the region!


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