The mystery is in full swing in Jurançon! Come and try to solve try a special investigation on board a camper van or by car or electric bike, following one of three circuits (soon to be four) that criss-cross the vineyards of Béarn.

The vineyards of Jurançon offer a warm welcome to any wine detectives thirsty for adventure at the foot of the Pyrenees, beneath the terraces of the Château de Pau – the birthplace of Henri IV – and historic site of Nouvelle-Aquitaine!


Armed with a roadbook, set off to meet the region's winegrowers so you can conduct your investigations on the ground. You'll gather precious clues on a series of visits while having a fun time chatting to – and enjoying tastings with – the local producers.


Enjoy this Best Of Wine Tourism activity and get ready to explore the Jurançon vineyard with your magnifying glass!




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