With its 31 Vignobles & Découvertes vineyards, Provence Verte & Verdon – in the very heart of the Var – has made a name for itself as a refreshing destination for wine-tourism… and it’s just 60 minutes from the major sites of Provence, including Marseille and Saint-Tropez.

Provence conjures up images of a hinterland sprinkled with typical villages, cicadas singing under the southern sun, lavender-scented roads, and fields of olives and vines stretching as far as the eye can see. The first picture that comes to mind is worthy of Van Gogh's most beautiful paintings! And a whole host of artists has immortalised this region with its picturesque landscapes full of charm, where today a throng of talented winegrowers continues to write the history of this unique land.

Far from the madding crowd, our fascinating and passionate winemakers will welcome you to their domains with open arms, giving you the chance to meet and chat about the ins-and-outs of their profession. 

These men and women love their land and are keen to preserve their terroir, with many of them devoted to organic farming. And this, we should remember, is an area in which Provence has been a pioneer: Correns, for example, was the first organic village in France. From the Vignerons de Correns cooperative winery to the cellars at Domaine des Roseaux or Château Trians, oenophiles are free to discover the secrets of a form of winemaking that respects the land, the special type of soil… and the people who drink the wine!


The wine estates here are on a human scale, and the winegrowers' values and know-how have often been transmitted from parent to child. At Domaine de Nestuby or Domaine de Blacailloux, four generations of the same family have been growing vines right up until the present day. Some parcels of land have even been managed by the same family for several centuries, as at Domaine de Saint Ferréol or at Domaine Saint Jean le Vieux, where winemaking has been a family affair since 1660! Paying a visit to one of these small vineyards is a way of discovering the wines of Provence in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


So, don’t be shy: come and meet the winemakers of Provence, listen to their stories and share an honest-to-goodness moment together as you explore appellations such as Côtes de Provence, Coteaux of Aix-en-Provence, Coteaux Varois en Provence and other local labels. It’s a human and wine adventure combined that awaits you!


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