Maison Veuve Ambal has been bringing a sparkle to Burgundy for over a century! This family business has become a fixture of the wine-growing landscape, emerging as the undisputed benchmark for AOC Crémant de Bourgogne.

It all began back in 1898 when a dynamic, far-sighted woman by the name of Marie Ambal started a business selling sparkling wine. Marie’s descendants took up the torch one-by-one, and - six generations down the line - the family now holds sway over more than 250 hectares of vines spread over six estates and an equal number of terroirs. Blancs de blancs, rosés, bruts, semi-dries, organic wines, wines aged in oak barrels… all in all, 20 varieties of crémant are produced and sold every year.


The Maison throws its doors open to the general public so that it can share this passion and legacy. Guided or audio-guided tours are organised all year round in the farthest reaches of the production site. The visit is educational and fun at the same time, designed with one aim in mind: to give guests the keys to understanding the vineyards of Burgundy and the origins of crémant. Young and old alike venture over a walkway that towers above the different workshops where robots and automatons rub shoulders with the hand of man as they keep alive the traditional methods of making wine.


A captivating spectacle is yours to discover as you follow the tour: the aging cellars - home to no fewer than 16 million bottles - come into sight just before you observe the key processes known as riddling and disgorging. Then it's time for the dazzling dance performed by the machines that stick the labels onto the precious bottles… which are then ready for tasting!


And it’s over a drink that this gripping visit draws to a close. Adults are offered a selection of three crémants in the dedicated space in the store, while children can enjoy a non-alcoholic tasting and have fun colouring-in. A range of other products typical of the region is on sale: Burgundy wines, crème de cassis, Dijon mustard, pain d’épices, anis de Flavigny... more than enough to savour to the full as you enjoy discovering the Maison!


Veuve Ambal

Le Pré Neuf

21200 Montagny-les-Beaune


Tel: +33 (0)3 80 25 90 81