The Château de Béru, nestled in the heart of Burgundy, is home to 15 hectares of biodynamic vineyards. The old stables of this magnificent family estate are converted into a pop-up bar every year, where you'll be given a warm welcome.

In the grounds of this listed, Renaissance-style monument, you can take part in tastings that will help you discover the great diversity of Béru's terroirs: either by enjoying several different vintages (the Clos Béru Monopole vertical tasting) or by dipping into the same vintage from each terroir.

Jazz, soul and classical concerts are also on the agenda to liven up your summer evenings in a venue that is full of charm and history.

And, for anyone with a particular curiousity about wine, there are guided tours of the estate and guest rooms are available so you can extend your immersive experience in this unmissable Chablis vineyard.


Château de Béru
32, Grande Rue

89 700 Béru

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