In the heart of Dracénie, less than an hour from Cannes and Saint-Tropez, "La vigne à vélo" greenway combines a ride in the open air with a spot of wine tourism as you soak up the beautiful Provençal hinterland.

Far from the traffic, "La vigne à vélo" route is a little over 15 km long, and is divided into three different itineraries that have been developed for environmentally-friendly modes of transport only. In the long term, these soft tracks are scheduled to join up the Dracénie region over a total of about 40 km. Whether you’re a cycling or walking enthusiast – or a jogger, skater or scooter freak – these trails are ready and waiting for you!


The all-season trails are accessible to everyone, offering a variety of landscapes with stunning views over the vineyards that disappear over the horizon. Don’t forget to take a breather on one of the benches and tables you’ll find along the way, where you can contemplate the splendid panoramas that open onto the Maures massif, the Rock of Roquebrune, the red rocks of Muy and the waterfalls at Nartuby.


The cultural attractions that pepper the circuits are a further highlight. From the mediaeval town of Parage via Arcs sur Argens to the Maison des Vins Côtes de Provence, the sites you can visit reflect all the riches of the region. On the same cycle routes, the Château Sainte Roseline (where the chapel is a listed historical monument) and the Château Font du Broc will open the gates to their vineyards in all simplicity.

And why not dare to venture ever so slightly beyond the signposted paths? Visit other vineyards and meet their winemakers – a wonderful opportunity to taste wines with the Côtes de Provence appellation.

There’s no doubt about it: on "La vigne à vélo" you can share an invigorating ride or walk with family or friends, a paean to a quiet and peaceful life – the very epitome of the art of good living in Dracénie.


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