Nothing beats slowing right down so you can revel in the spellbinding charm of the vineyards of Cognac. Discover the region in “slow style” with a whole host of activities organised by Explore Cognac.

As the headline act of the Charentes region, Cognac isn’t just a spirit with a world-famous reputation! Behind the name there’s also a town that’s officially known as a “City of Art and History”, a vineyard and a diverse heritage that is well worth the detour.


There are all sorts of ways you can set out to explore the riches that shape the world of Cognac. Soft-mobility experiences are mushrooming, tempting inquisitive visitors to follow the byways through the vineyards at a leisurely pace.


Visitors are welcome at Maison Rémy Martin in Juillac-le-Coq, where they can enjoy a ride on electric bikes through the Grande Champagne vines. The contours of the small valleys unwind at each stroke of the pedal, with the outline of a bell tower or mill coming into view from time to time. These trips help visitors learn about preserving the wine ecosystems before they are ushered into the snug setting of the cellars and distillery.


From Maison Boinaud you can also stride across Grande Champagneon foot! A 3.7 km circuit dotted with 12 interactive information points tells walkers all about the ethical system of management used in the vineyards of this family-run enterprise. After this great breath of fresh air, participants are invited to discover the distillery’s 41 stills and make the most of a tasting.


Last but not least, at Maison Martell you can explore the fields of vines perched on an electric scooter! This excursion - known as “Vitiscoot" - will introduce you to the AOC Cognac and the Borderies cru in all their glory. It’s the perfect opportunity to help the public get to know the type of sustainable viticulture championed by the Maison and to give a detailed explanation about the various stages involved in making the spirit. To cap it all, this off-road, two-wheel getaway is blessed with magnificent views of the Charentes landscape.


Plenty of other outings that fit into the sustainable approach are listed by Explore Cognac so you can take the time to visit this down-to-earth destination that distils its soothing art of living with no end of talent.