“In the Gavignet family, you ask for Philippe, the father; Benoit, the son; and Élodie, the daughter”. Winegrowers by vocation and desire for five generations, every day they all count how lucky they are to work together thanks to the magnificent heritage left to them by their ancestors.

The vineyard, which extends over 14 hectares, includes 16 appellations – red, white and rosé – all located in the commune of Nuits-St-Georges and Les Hautes-Côtes de Nuits. Everyone on the estate makes their own contribution to putting the wines produced here on the map and preparing for the future. Like a child whom a family sees growing and flourishing, the Gavignets pamper their vines so they can obtain high-quality grapes that reflect the local terroir to the full, and every stage of the process also respects the very precise terms of reference.


To begin with, the grapes are harvested by hand by the estate’s team of loyal harvesters before passing first onto a vibrating table and then a sorting table. Last of all, a deseeder separates the seeds from the berries. Now it’s time for vinification, which starts with a cold maceration in stainless steel vats before the aging phase in French oak barrels for 10 to 18 months, part of which is in new barrels. The winegrowers make sure that the tannins in the barrel do not overwhelm the aromas of the wine. Finally, bottling is carried out in situ based on the lunar calendar, as is the date chosen for the harvest.


The winegrowers have followed an integrated approach to pest control since 2000, only applying phytosanitary treatments to the vines when a disease threatens to damage the grapes and, ultimately, the wine. They are very sensitive to respecting the environment and using resources, and – of course – they think about their own health and that of their consumers. Above all, however, the family is keen to safeguard the richness of their terroir, where the Pinot Noir is expressed to perfection. Their growing commitment to responsible viticulture also means the family has obtained High Environmental Value level 3 certification since the 2019 vintage.


The Gavignets are eager to share their enthusiasm and showcase their wine: the family opens


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