With its three hundred years of history and expertise, together with its unique terroir, the the House of Martell opens its doors so you can plunge into the world of cognac.

Amidst the shadows and silence of the cellars, surrounded by row upon row of oak barrels, the House of Martell invites you to unlock the secrets of the expertise of craft.

Founded in 1715, the House of Martell has kept the art of cognac alive for several generations, including distilling, ageing and blending.

When you cross the threshold of this historic site, you’ll embark on a true voyage of discovery, surrounded by golden and amber hues and the powerful, subtle aromas that epitomise the authentic nature of Martell cognac.

Choose from four exclusive tours where you can experience and explore the House of Martell’s history as well as enjoy a tasting.


Martell & Co

16 avenue Paul Firino Martell

16100 Cognac

Tel.: +33 (0)5 45 36 34 98

Email: visites@martell.com


Tours and shop open every day (including public holidays) from 10 am to 6 pm – last tour leaves at 4:30 pm