The complex Hennessy XO cognac blend – first created by Maurice Hennessy for his relatives back in 1870 – is today one of the company’s benchmark products.

The tour begins in the old Chai des Pavillons, where centuries of history are retold in the most contemporary, multi-sensory setting imaginable.


Before continuing the visit in the "Paradis" cellar – where some of Hennessy’s oldest eaux-de-vie are stored – the guide introduces visitors to the art of cooperage, explaining the vital role of the phenomenon known as the part des anges or "angels' share".


Epicureans can then savour a selection of eaux-de-vie of different ages as they enjoy a tasting ceremony – with commentary – at the Hennessy XO Club bar followed by the iconic Hennessy XO cognac, served neat and on the rocks.


Maison Hennessy

Quai Maurice Hennessy

16100 Cognac France