At the foot of Sainte-Victoire Mountain, symbol of Provence, the Chateau Gassier vineyard offers a wine trail which provides a fascinating insight into organic vineyards and biodiversity. 

Caressed by the Mediterranean winds, Chateau Gassier’s 40 hectares of vineyards benefit from a unique location, at the foot of Sainte-Victoire Mountain. A powerful symbol of the Provence region, this site was the inspiration for the famous Impressionist painter Cézanne. The vineyard is located in the wine region of Côtes-de-Provence Sainte-Victoire, an area established in the heart of the Grand Site of France Sainte-Victoire, considered to be one of the most natural and well protected sites in the country. Aware of the rich biodiversity of this area, the team at Chateau Gassier are committed to protecting their environment. 

The wine trail gives a 360° view of life on the vineyard

Visitors to the estate can now take a wine tour which not only explains the richness of the Chateau Gassier vineyard, but also raises awareness about the preservation of biodiversity. Open to the public, the 3-km trail has regular signs and information panels. It immerses the walker in a nature where humans are but one of the actors.

A family treasure hunt

In total, 12 information panels provide information on the plants, animals and geology of the Sainte-Victoire vineyard, as well as details on the vegetative cycle of the vines, the role of the vines in organic agriculture, the vines themselves, and how the wines are produced… This offers a 360° view of life on the vineyard. The walk could be the place for a family treasure hunt and other family games or just enjoyed among friends: it is an informative and entertaining experience.

This biodiversity preservation project, which started in 2010, also includes other aspects of organic agriculture including the reduction of water consumption and the certification of high-energy performance, as well as a partnership with the teams of the Grand Site Sainte-Victoire. This partnership, the first of its kind, aims to develop and improve the biodiversity protection programmes in Sainte-Victoire while ensuring a wine production which respects its environment. For the public, there is also the guarantee of a warm welcome!


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