A beautiful, tasty getaway in Bourgogne. A round trip you can do any way you want, with charming hotels and tastings of the famous wines. The heritage of Bourgogne is there for you to enjoy!

The Bourgogne wines have long made a name for themselves. The region’s famous heritage is also well known internationally. Visit the magnificent sites and wines which have made the region’s reputation by travelling along the Bourgogne Wine Route. On the programme: Chablis, the Basilica of Vézelay, Dijon, Clos de Vougeot, Beaune, the Chateau de Pommard, and the Abbey of Cluny. These evocative names will take you to the heart of this exceptional region, where you can taste its famous wines



Bourgogne Randonnées

21, rue Mercière

71250 Cluny

E-mail: contact@traces-decouverte.fr