Winner of the 2019 Wine Tourism Trophies Golden Prize in the “Stay at the domain” category, discover the Chateau de Mercuès and its exceptional heritage dating from the thirteenth century. Stay in the renovated rooms and taste the black truffles, prepared by a great chef, and the renowned Malbec wines.  

The Roman-Byzantine Chateau de Mercuès, just outside Cahors, is not to be missed. Georges Vigouroux, a pioneer of the Cahors and Malbec wines, acquired the historic site in 1983. As well as restructuring the vineyard, which today covers 38 hectares, he took the visionary step of building a huge wine cellar, and indeed was one of the first to commission architects to design wine cellars.

‘From here you can see history coming towards you,’ said General de Gaulle after staying at the chateau.

Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux continued the work of his father. As the winners of national and international awards, the Malbecs from his cellars are among the best wines in the world. 


Make yourself at home in a thirteenth-century chateau

If the boost given to winemaking at Chateau de Mercuès was decisive in saving this distinguished residence, the investments on the inside weren’t overlooked either. The history of this thirteenth-century chateau makes this member of Relais & Chateaux a rare gem indeed. Seven hundred years! Few places can boast of such a history. ‘From here you can see history coming towards you,’ said General de Gaulle after staying at the chateau in 1954. In keeping with this heritage, Christine Vigouroux, in charge of the decoration, restored the bedrooms in a timeless architectural style that gives this Relais & Châteaux residence the ‘soul of a house’ in which guests feel at home.


A warm welcome from the wine district of Malbec

Julien Poisot, who will play you songs on the piano, provides creative and authentic cooking. The products are mostly local: lamb from Quercy, veal from Corrèze, and beef from Aubrac. The black truffles from Quercy are given pride of place on the menu, as the Vigouroux family has planted a thousand trees to produce their own Tuber melanosporum in the much sought-after wine district of Lalbenque. Yann Potet, master of the house, gives visitors a warm, sincere and unforgettable welcome, including a visit to the wine cellars. The hospitality is delightful, and the experience exquisite.   


Château de Mercuès

Route du Château

46090 Mercuès

Phone: +33 (0)5 65 20 00 01