A stationary voyage through a wine tasting in reverse

Have you always wanted to do a wine tasting but were afraid to try? Put aside your doubts. This workshopis made for you! You’re a wine enthusiast? That’s no problem either: just forget your prejudices and you’re likely to be surprised! ‘Forget the classic wine tasting,’ says Constance, the presenter at the Cité du Vin, to participants – two Koreans, two Dutch and three French – ‘and don’t smell the wine!’ This is most definitely not an intellectual approach to wine tasting, which is, after all, a sensory and emotional experience. We concentrate on taste, to the point of sometimes neutralizing the sense of sight, thanks to the black glass.

Here, it’s not about intellectualizing wine tasting, which is, above all, a sensory and emotional experience.

A first taste … with the nose blocked!

After learning how to spit ‘with elegance’, the first tasting takes place with the nose blocked as we search for tastes and physical sensations. We play with and trick the senses. Only in the next stage do we direct our attention to aromas and then sight, whose power we discover … without noticing it. A stationary voyage that will have taken us all the way to Moldavia. Upside down, and now here we are, the right way up again!


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