Château Hourtin-Ducasse won an Outstanding Offer award in the 2023 Wine Tourism Trophies. The château carried off the prize in the “Visit a Vineyard with the Family” category – and it's a venue that does its utmost to turn the world of the winegrower into child's play. 

There are two fun-packed tours that parents and their offspring can enjoy together as they explore the estate. Choose between an outdoor treasure hunt where you will look at the vines up close or a series of puzzles to solve while exploring the cellars! 


Soon it will be time for a snack with a tray of sweet and savoury canelés washed down with homemade grape juice for the little ones… and a selection of wines for their parents. 


You're guaranteed to enjoy sharing a special afternoon at the château as the whole family learns something new while having a fun time! 


Château Hourtin-Ducasse 

33250 Saint-Sauveur 


Tel.: +33 (0)5 56 59 56 92