Haleigh of Making Magique is an American writer, photographer, and video producer. She loves nothing more than telling a good story, so make sure to follow her with #VisitFrenchWine through the beautiful vineyards of Occitanie.

DAY 1: 

Dinner at the Bibent, Christian Constant's restaurant in Toulouse


DAY 2:

Visit of Gaillac and of the "Abbaye de la Vigne et du Vin"

Lunch at the Restaurant "Lou Cantoun"

Visit of the Château du Terride, Wine tasting

Visit of the Medieval village of Puycelsi

About Puycelsi :  The village has been created around a former Benedictine monastery which remains today through  the Saint-Corneille Church.

Evening and Night at "Domaine du Perches"

Domaines des Perches is a former winery from the 17th century.


DAY 3:

Visit of "Domaine du Moulin" and Wine tasting

Visit of the old village of Castelnau de Montmiral and Cordes sur Ciel

Castelnau de Montmiral is known as the most beautiful village of France

Dinner and Night at "Domaine du Perches" in Gaillac


DAY 4:

Visit of the old fortress "Château de Mauriac"

Lunch at "Château de Salettes"

Visit of Cave de Labstide de Lévis, discover the secrets of wine making

The Cave de Babstide de Lévis propose a tour to make you discover the secrets of winemaking

Diner and night at the hotel- Hotel Restaurant L'Alchimy


DAY 5:

Visit of Albi

Lunch at the Albi outdoor Market 

Visit of "Chateau du Bosc", Toulouse-Lautrec's former property