From the shores of the Mediterranean to the foothills of the Alps, vines add to the beauty of Provence’s sun-baked landscapes.  3 inland destinations that showcase the local terroir.

What better way to understand a wine than to return to its roots and explore the land in which it grows? Whether on foot, in a horse-drawn carriage or by bike, wine lovers with a passion for the outdoors can criss-cross the vine-strewn plains and olive-filled valleys of Provence Verte & Verdon. Each hike through this masterpiece of nature is a chance to encounter the terroir and the winemakers who work it. This is a region whose winemaking tradition dates back to Roman times. Its producers can therefore draw on a combination of traditional and modern skills to tend the grapes and produce stunning rosés.


Dracénie Provence Verdon has a vast network of sites that operate to exceptionally high standards. From accommodation to restaurants, guest houses, wine estates, tasting venues, museums and vineyard event, Provencal culture and wine are intertwined. Winemakers have developed plenty of activities to showcase their wines, the environment and the region’s heritage. A truly original way of life awaits visitors who explore Provence's Wine Route!


With 5 AOPs, Pays d’Aix Sud Lubéron is packed with exciting places to discover. In the shaded alleyways of the small villages, on the colourful stalls of the markets or in the fields filled with lavender, olive trees and vines, the scent of Provence's natural heritage can be enjoyed throughout the year. In this picture-postcard setting, winemakers offer visitors the diversity of local terroirs and robust wines that slumber in the calm of their wine cellars.


Whichever destination you choose, one thing’s for sure: the finest things in life await in the land of the cicadas!

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