Beaujolais celebrates summer, Beaujolez-vous, The summer festivals © Office de Tourisme Beaujolais Monts et Vignobles

Summertime is party-time in Beaujolais and it's free ! Outdoors, 5 days a week starting at 7pm . Guinguettes (open air cafés with dance floor), quizzes, concerts, night markets, and of course the chance to discover local produce. Good times galore!

You want to tempt your taste buds whilst basking in a musical ambiance?  Here's how:

Tuesday, dancing time

Wednesday, concerts with panoramic views from a terrasse

Thursday, musical market at Fleurie

Friday, get your brain in gear for a quizz

Saturday, a guinguette in Beaujeu!

Your mouth is watering already, isn't it ? So break out the Beaujolais and Beaujolez-vous !




From Tuesdays to Saturdays all summer long



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